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Jigsaw Puzzle Inspirational-Cat Jigsaw Puzzle-Happyness Purrsuit
Happyness Purrsuit-Inspirational Cat Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw Puzzle For Adults- Cat Design

Happyness Purrsuit- Inspirational Cat Jigsaw Puzzle

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Are you cat lover looking for a fun activity? Try our original Happyness Purrsuit inspirational cat jigsaw puzzle. If you are bored and looking for a mind-stimulating activity filled with fun and meant to make you smile a bit, you can put together this artistic jigsaw puzzle with an inspirational design. It has 252 pieces, so it presents enough challenge for several fun-packed hours.

The end result is our unique, digitally painted image of a happy, innocent orange tabby kitten chasing bubbles, living its life to the fullest.  It's a great way to remind us of the good things in life that we should all aim for. It is meant to inspire us to continue to appreciate our pets, our families, to remind us to pursue our own happiness, and enjoy life- no matter the challenges.
And it makes a great gift, too!

Size: 11 in  x 14 in 
Pieces: 252 
Material: sturdy cardboard, printed in color
Includes cardboard box with puzzle image on lid for easy storage
Care: easy wipe-clean surface

Caution: This item contains small pieces- keep away from pets and children
Shipping: within the US 
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