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It all started with Thumbs, a lovable orange tabby rescue. Thumbs was the most gentle and loving tabby with a set of extra thumbs on each of his front paws (polydactyl), hence his name. Thumbs got along with everyone, people and pets. He was loved and admired by all and showered everyone with his gentle love. He survived quite a few health problems, never complaining, like a brave little soldier. And following us around, making sure we were OK.

After 17 years of quiet living with his other adopted siblings, Thumbs developed a paw infection that would not heal. After numerous vet visits and painful bandage changes, we discovered it was cancer.
When Thumbs passed, everyone missed him. Because he made everyone smile.  His loss affected us deeply. We spent so much time and made so many visits to different vets, hoping we could help him.

After his passing, we decided to dedicate ourselves to helping improve the lives of pets by educating owners and by creating innovative, practical products, celebrating all pets.
We all love our pets and they are important to us.  We are dedicating our products to Thumbs’ memory.