The story of the Eco Cat Litter Mat

This is a true story. Looking back, it is reminiscent of a Cinderella cat mom story during modern times. And it has a happy ending. When I came up with the idea for the Eco Cat Litter Mat several years ago, I was a busy cat mom with a hectic daily schedule. In addition to my three beautiful and sweet furry friends, I was a foster kitty mom on an occasional basis. A house full of love, but also a bit messy, so there was a lot of cleaning to do. 

Cinderella's challenges

Like every dutiful cat parent, I did not mind. It was a trade-off- the little things you do for love. Eventually, two of my cats aged and developed health and mobility issues. They urinated outside the litter boxes and in different places throughout the house. I placed litter boxes throughout the house to make it easier for them to reach them. Each litter box would have litter mats underneath. I started spending a good portion of my time cleaning the messy kitty litter mats almost on a daily basis. Dusting them, hosing them down, washing them, drying them, but they were never clean enough. The cat urine is powerful because of the ammonia and the smell persisted no matter how much I cleaned them. To get rid of the residue and smell, I bought new mats quite often.

Like many other cat parents, I tried different mats. Most are made of synthetic rubber or foam. And many times I would throw the mats out and buy new ones on a monthly basis, which is expensive and added to the carbon footprint issue. I became exhausted and frustrated. I wanted more time with my fur children, less urine smell, and less cleaning to do. It was a problem that needed to be solved. I started looking into it, determined to find a solution.

Cinderella's solutions- no magic necessary

Then I came up with the idea of disposable cat litter mats. After some research, trial, error, and lots of testing, I found the solution. The Eco Cat Litter Mat was created. I used them by themselves and also put them on top of the rubber and foam mats. I disposed of them within a few days, or as soon as cats urinated on them.  No cleaning necessary, no more lingering urine smell. Easy-peasy, problem solved! It was a success.

Cinderella and friends having a ball

After experimenting with a few versions for a while, the benefits were clear. Cleaning became easier and less time-consuming, because the rubber and foam mats lasted a lot longer since they were protected by the disposable eco cat litter mats. And I spent a lot less time cleaning them, instead of doing it daily. I spent less money because I did not need to buy new foam and rubber mats regularly. And less of a strain on the environment, since the eco cat litter mats are 100% bio-degradable. I used the Eco Cat Litter Mat and threw it away, then replaced with a new one as necessary. Some would last a few days. Also, it reduced litter tracking, which was an added benefit. 

And they lived happily after...until the next challenge, but that's OK- it's not always a fairy tale.

The Eco Cat Litter Mat proved to be a great alternative for the other mats, and I have been using them since. It is easy to dispose of, it reduces the carbon footprint because it is 100% bio-degradable, made of thicker paperboard. I saved time and money over the years. And less urine smell, which is a lot healthier.
The best reward for me, though, was being able to spend more time with my beautiful and sweet cats. Every moment counts, and I am grateful for having those extra moments to relax, hug and play with them.

How about you? How would you spend your extra time if you did not have to clean messy kitty litter mats? 

Eco Cat Litter Mat- Having time for art

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