Consumer Protection Education

This page is meant to educate you, the consumer, how to deal with fraudulent and impersonating websites and other types of scams. We are working extremely hard to create products and designs that you love, trying to create a recognizable brand. We invest a lot of money and time ensuring that our customers are happy.  Although we are fairly new, we noticed some fraudulent activity meant to deceive our potential and current customers and ruin our hard work.  

Some of the things we encountered are stolen images, images placed on other websites without permission, and the worst one- fake businesses impersonating our business and also suggesting that there is a partnership, which is false.  This sort of scam is about phishing information from you, the consumer, and later using it in a fraudulent manner. 

One such website which is using our information fraudulently is Borderoo, which is not authorized to use our information.
Other types of scams involve deals and coupons sites- please read our information about Thumbs Pets Coupons and Discounts.

We understand it is difficult for you to sometimes keep up with the latest scams, so the solution is to educate yourself. And we are also doing our part- which is why we created this page.

Here are some tips on seeing signs of deception and fraud and how to deal with them.

How  to detect a suspicious or impersonating website - please read this article for valuable information

Email protection

Ignore suspicious emails and texts that look like they are from our company. This could be a phishing attempt, where the scammers may use our logo and business name.
We never request sensitive information through insecure channels as email or texts.
All of our transactions are done through our secure website.
If you were a phishing victim, report them to 

If you have any questions or information, please don't hesitate to contact us.