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Cat Privacy Screen - Catitions - Amber Gold
Catitions Artistic Cat Privacy Screen- Natural Wood

Catitions Artistic Cat Privacy Screen

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What is a Catition?

Cat + designer partition = Catition
It is a designer privacy screen specifically designed for cats and their parents- to conceal their messy food, toy and litter box areas.
Catitions are artistic privacy screens that are both beautiful and functional. They are a great alternative and addition to cat enclosures and they give your cat some privacy, too.

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Catitions- Artistic Cat Privacy Screens

Thumbs Pets is crafting and hand-finishing each Catition with love in the US. 

Catition benefits:

  • adds some needed privacy for your cats' food, toy, litter areas
  • great alternative or addition to cat enclosures
  • covers toy areas and litter box areas nicely
  • beautiful design and a stylish furniture piece
  • sealed with non-toxic, waterproof, food grade sealer

Catition features:

  • 3 panels, approximately 23.5  inches high and about 50 inches wide
  • light weight wood
  • sturdy enough to stand on its own
  • available in Natural Wood and Amber Gold

Size: 23.5 in high x 50 inches wide (3 panels, each approx. 16.5 inches wide)
Weight: approx. 3 lbs

Without Catitions:

  • Messy food, litter box and cat toy areas
  • Not enough time to clean kitty areas
  • Embarrassing impromptu visits

Catitions Benefits and Features:

  • they conceal messy kitty areas beautifully (toys,  litter box, food)
  • lightweight and stable
  • urine resistant
  • water resistant
  • non-toxic, eco-friendly finishes and sealer
  • long-lasting
  • foldable for easy storage (z-fold)

Catitions can be easily folded into a Z-fold, are lightweight and portable

  • No assembly required, save time and energy
    Just unwrap and place in your favorite spot.
  • multi-functional
    They can be used to cover other areas of the house and in bathrooms, or even in front of windows.
  • a great alternative to cat enclosures for hygienic reasons
  • ​they complement most interiors
  •  beautiful engraved details

Where can you place your Catitions?

Catitions can be placed just about anywhere inside the home:

  • living room
  • dining room
  • kitchen
  • bedroom
  • bathroom

Detail view 

How to use the Catitions:

  • conceal messy toy areas
  • conceal litter box areas for added privacy
  • conceal feeding areas
  • use as a mini room divider with a an artistic cat design

The Catitions story 

Over the years, we tried different room dividers for our cat areas: food, litter boxes, toy areas.  We realized that they were either too tall, too light, or too heavy for our cats and the cat areas.  These dividers would often fall on top of other things and furniture when the cats played and knocked them over, making a mess.

In addition, when our older cats could no longer walk the longer distance to the bathroom to use the litter boxes, we had to bring the litter boxes closer to them, sometimes into the living room.  This drew a lot of attention and some criticism from friends.

So, we decided to create the Catitions. After months of experimenting with different types of wood, hardware, finishes and designs, we created our first prototypes, then the final product.


Now, instead of criticism from visitors, we are receiving compliments on the beautiful design. The Catitions are beauty and function combined, engineered to make both you and your cat happy. Order yours today.