Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day with a message of love!

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

We live in an interesting world. Sometimes we witness great things happening and humanity at its best. We see and read stories of survival and rescues prompted by people coming together almost on a daily basis. Those are the things that melt our hearts and give us hope. 

Unfortunately, there still is a lot of ignorance we are facing, which in many cases leads to negative feelings and destructive behavior, and we need to overcome it. Take for example, the way some ignorant people think of cats, and in particular, of black cats.

While it is true that some of the negative messages were spread throughout history and further propelled through the media, we need to remember that we are the superior animals of the entire kingdom. We are more intelligent than the other animals. We should be able to discern between facts and fantasy. We live in a modern world, and information is available at our fingertips.
But some people choose to rationalize their negative feelings and simply ignore the facts, and some are just simply incapable of being objective. It is a sad reality, and this needs to be addressed.

Fact: black cats and the same as other cats, they have no supernatural powers of any kind. What kind of people would actually still believe this nonsense in today's age?

Fact: black cats deserve and need our love just as much as all other cats. They have had a bad rap for years, and often do not get adopted as often from shelters. We need to remember this and be more supportive.

Fact: black cats are celebrated in certain cultures- US, Japan. We need more of this in the entire world.

So, haters- stop hating, and start learning already. Let's help make this world a better place for black cats and kittens. As for the rest of us- we can start by spreading more love, being more understanding and even helping out more. We can adopt black cats more often. And we can educate the ignorant ones and help them understand, whenever applicable.

Let's continue to love black cats, because they are beautiful both outside and inside, and are able to love us and bring us joy. Let's continue to fight ignorance and spread the message of love for black cats because they deserve the best, just like all other pets of this world.

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!


Help Shadow find a Home- Los Angeles, Orange County areas, California

Meet Shadow
This beautiful, shy 2-year old black kitty needs to find a stable, loving home in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. She is currently being taken care of by the Helen Sanders Cat Paws Charity Foundation. We are trying to help Shadow find a great home. If you are interested in adopting Shadow, please visit their page.