Liven up your home and pet area with the Bohemian Moroccan chic decor

Tired of the same plain decor in your home? If you want to feel inspired and boost your creativity, you can try to add touches of the exotic Bohemian Morrocan chic look to your home and pet areas. It is  colorful, vibrant and multi-dimensional. 
The Bohemian Moroccan look is defined by jewel colors, carved wood, texture, mosaic tile work, creating an eclectic, layered and colorful interior. 
You can even mix this look with metallic decor to add a touch of luxury to your interior.

Below are some ideas to inspire you. 

1. Colorful layers and ornate lanterns

Bohemian Moroccan decor

via Stupa Caspea

2. Carvings and engravings add extraordinary beauty to wooden items 

Bohemian Chic Decor wood textures

via Twort

3. Beautiful tiles 

Notice the infusion of blues and browns and the craftsmanship of the tile work

Elegant Bohemian Moroccan decor tile work

Serge Lutens luxury palace in Marrakech

4. Live it up with luxurious pillows 
Rich golds and reds, different designs and patterns 

Red and gold Bohemian textured floor cushions and home decor

via tomorrow

We love the Bohemian chic and luxurious Moroccan decor. 
This is we created our own Bohemian chic home decor and pet collection designs.

Be bold, be brave, be colorful. Decorate your home and your pet's area with Bohemian chic.