How to to add an elegant dog theme to your home décor

Stylish dog-themed home decor ideas for dog fans

If you live for your dog baby, shout it out loud all over your home! You could shout literally, but the neighbors would definitely protest. Instead, adorn your home in some lively, unique, boutique-style dog décor items. In this post, I will share with you 4 ways to make a real statement with designer doggy items.

Lovely Dog Figurines

Investing in one or more well-made doggy figurines will give any room a dose of personality. Aside from that, dog-themed figurines help you to showcase the love you have for your dog baby. You could go for a literal, life-like interpretation of your dog if that’s your style.
Alternatively, if you want to step things up a notch, you could go the artsy route by incorporating interesting colors and textures into your canine figurine. If you have a big family of fur babies, you could create a full display of a scene of your choice.

The possibilities are endless.

 Dog figurine

Dog Wall Decor

Your walls are a great place to add some doggy flair.

Displaying dog wall decals is one of the easiest and most versatile ways to decorate your walls. You could play with paw prints, a friendly and direct reminder that your home is a dog home. Take traditional dog prints to the next level by adding your personality (or your pooch’s) to them with bold, flamboyant colors and patterns.

A statement sentence about your dog could be enhanced with various hues and textures and placed on your wall as art. A lively, animated version of your dog could be the subject of a portrait or you could go for a real-life portrait. Turn your walls into a masterpiece.

 Dog Wall Art- You Make Me Want to Dance

Creative Dog Picture Frames

Dog-themed picture frames, no matter the size, can be used to add a dog’s touch to your most-loved pictures. Just like the above doggy décor options, you can express your creativity however you desire. You can do so with different frame materials (woods, metals, fabrics, etc.), engraved patterns, images, and colors that pop. You can also add a message of love to your dog, enhancing your frame’s uniqueness.

 Puppy Dog Paw Print Picture Frame

Dog Designs Throw Pillows and Pillow Covers

Doggy-inspired pillows and pillow covers jazz up your couch, bed, shelves, or any other spaces you can think of. A great gift for yourself or any other dog lover, pillow covers featuring dogs or doggy-inspired designs are sure to charm your guests. They can also be a special gift for your dog! Dress up your dog’s designated area or room with a stylish cover for her comfiest pillow.

Dog decor- pillows, pillow covers, dog beds

Each of these décor items enrich your space and give you the means to express your status as a dog parent. If you prefer pieces that are well-made and have flavor, pass on the commercial items that literally every dog parent already owns.


Dog pillow beds and dog pillows and covers home decor

Check out some designer doggy-themed home decor! There’s no doubt- you’ll be taken by the stunning pieces available for sale. The dog-themed items here have bold colors, superior workmanship, varied materials, and designs that you haven’t seen before. These pieces are sure to take your interior space to the next level. Once you get your item home, you’ll be more than delighted.