2020 Decor and Design Trends for Your Home and Pets

New home decor trends are emerging in 2020, and some that may find appealing for you and your pets. For pets, it's about safety, comfort and having enough space to play and relax. And the same for pet parents, with an added emphasis on color and decor styles.

Here are the new trends:

- Space saving furniture - where functionality meets aesthetics. Nesting tables, modular couches we can arrange to integrate into our space, and light-weight foldable items, such as our pet toy storage bin, which can be easily folded and stored when no longer needed. 

- Hand-crafted wooden items. Beautiful artisan work made with heart and soul add a touch of unique beauty for each home. Check out our collection of hand-made catnip planters, vases, and coasters. 

- Brass is making a comeback. Add a touch of brass to your interior for added luxury.

- Benches and ottomans- portable items which can be carried from room to room.

- Bold designs and colors- although some neutrals are still in style, colors prevail this year. Bold is in, safe is out. Also, the black and white combination is in again.


- Mixing decorating styles- traditional and new- old patterns mixed with clean furniture lines. We love the transitional style. View our vintage-inspired decor items that would add a bit of classic style to any modern home.

- Add a little drama with prints that match on furniture and decor- out with cold industrial styles.

- Colors- warm earth tones for your decor are in this year, bright blues, rich hues.

- Plants -real plants are in, just make sure they are safe for your pets.
Cat with sign- home decor