2019 Home Décor Trends for You and Your Pets

Popular pet decor trends for 2019

Decorating your house can be so much fun and a great way to personalize your space to feel like home. However, now you’ve got a little furry friend in the mix who needs their own little spaces as well. Luckily, tons of companies and small businesses make beautiful décor pieces that are both adorable and functional.

You can find pieces for your cat and dog that fit every design type including boho, glam, industrial, and even farm house-chic. Here are some trendy pet inspired décor items you just might feel need to be added to your home!

Cat and Dog TeePees

Cat and dog tepee 
Photo: MiniCampLT

Every pet needs a comfortable place to curl up and snooze. Small dogs and cats often also like to feel safe, tucked in, and burrowed. This pet teepee is the perfect solution! Providing a cozy place for your pooch, a pet teepee is perfect for cats and dogs…and it’s just SO cute! This is the perfect addition to a boho inspired living room or bedroom and would compliment a kids room or playroom perfectly!

Cat Litter Box Furniture

Cat Privacy Screen
Photo: Thumbs Pets

Litter boxes are the foe of every cat litter area. They can be messy, unsightly, and very smelly if you aren’t careful! However, tons of companies are launching the perfect solution to all of these problems! Now, you can purchase a nightstand, side table, bookcases, benches, and even artsy cat litter box privacy screens
This is perfect for creating a safely tucked away place for your kitty’s business.  It also helps to keep messes minimal as they won’t kick up as much litter in these hidden spaces. They also help to hide that hideous plastic monstrosity that you’ve always hated anyways! Two in one litter box and furniture pieces are a great solution for every cat lover’s home!

Tiny Furniture for Cats and Dogs

Small pet furniture
Photo: via Pinterest

One of 2019’s biggest décor trends is tiny furniture for your little furry friend. This is hands down one of the cutest trends of 2019, and it’s purrfect for every home. No matter your vibe, you can find tiny pet furniture to fit in your home and have the perfect spot for your animal! Tiny couches, beds, daybeds, and chairs are the perfect way to add a comfy place for your pet while keeping the tone of your home’s décor.

Personalized Pet Paintings

 Custom Pet Portrait Paintings
Photo: via Etsy

Every home needs some wall art or pictures to add flare and dimension. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with a unique, painted portrait of your pet! Many artists create custom pet paintings. Be sure to tell them a little about your style and home so they can paint accordingly and voila! You have a beautiful portrait of your precious little buddy for your home!

Whatever home decor style you choose for you and your pets, enjoy exploring the options available!